Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons Singapore (2 – 4 yrs)

No one is never too old learn how to swim. Our oldest swim student is 70 years old. So, if you once thought you were too old to learn, you know you were wrong all along. Understand now, that age is never a factor when it comes to swimming. It is never too late to start swimming lessons.

Swimming is a very necessary life skill for adult. There are many circumstances when the knowledge of swimming may be needed, like if you want to participate in water events or you need to swim to survive an accident. Other than life skills, swimming is the prerequisite to many fun activities that life offers. So, best believe you’re missing out on a lot of exciting activities like skin diving, scuba diving, canoeing, jet-skiing, and a host of others.


All age groups can practice swimming. In fact, regular swimming, especially for adults, provides long-lasting health benefits. Consistent swimming has helped and continues to help people overcome many ailments by improving their general welfare. Research suggests that swimming regularly helps enhance blood circulation which leads to a stronger heart. The overall well-being enjoyed by swimmers allows them enjoy the essential things of life, such as families and careers.


Adult swimming lessons is flexible enough to accommodate your learning needs and development. Our swim school offers lessons for beginners, intermediaries and advanced learners. It doesn’t matter if you have some knowledge in swimming or if you don’t; our coaches take into consideration, your swimming capabilities and train you as needed. It is imperative you start now, while you are motivated so you can keep your swimming momentum going. Eventually, the lessons will pan out, and you’ll be able to glide through water with confidence and skill, while enjoying a healthier self.


Health Benefits of Adult Swimming Lessons


Regular swimming has so many health benefits which are well proven by research. We mention a few benefits that will get you motivated to start swimming:

  1. Lower stress levels
  2. Complete body workout
  3. Better blood circulation
  4. Body flexibility.
  5. Respiratory fitness
  6. Enhanced muscle tone and physique
  7. Prevents obesity
  8. Enables weight control
  9. Swimming is adverse to injuries
  10. Reduces wear and tear in joints.


Why Enrol with Us?


You should know that in comparison with other physical sports, swimming has the least injuries. The reason is because water supports the whole body and reduces friction between a bare minimum.


We can help you enjoy swimming. Enrol with us to realise the benefits of regular swimming. Come meet us at our pool, we’re waiting!

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Our dedicated swimming coaches will ensure you improve your swimming skills via our systematic swimming coaching program. We provide variety of swimming lessons as below:

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