Toddler Swimming Lessons

Toddler Swimming Lessons Singapore (2 – 4 yrs)

Toddler swimming lessons involves getting your child comfortable and assured within water. The activity can be challenging but it is an important aspect of child safety, and can act as fun exercise for both you and your child.

With time, under the appropriate supervision, your child will gain a sense of ease and comfortableness in water. Our swim school understands the merits of toddler swimming lessons, and strives dutifully to manage your child’s water buoyancy, channelling that energy into confidence in water. We employ very standard swimming techniques when giving lessons to toddlers, and ensure that the whole activity is fun and exciting!


Objectives of Toddler Swimming Lessons


The benefits of toddler swimming lessons for your child are plenty but take shape into two objectives, which are:

  1. Water Confidence

We adopt standard toddler swimming techniques taught by veteran coaches who have tangible experience. Our experts take a step-by-step tactic in building your child’s water confidence. We begin by ensuring that your child learns basic breath-control techniques, and is at ease when going under water. As an extra, your child will gain much more confidence in the water by learning advanced toddler swimming techniques.

  1. Movement Coordination

When it can be proved that your child has enough confidence to dabble in water, we commence our lessons by improving motor skills. What this means is that your child will be taught how to move sublimely in the water. This fun exercise is the deciding factor in building your child’s movement coordination skills.


Why Choose Us?


Exciting and Competent Coaching System


The main reason you should choose us to be your child’s swimming coach is our recognised and efficient coaching system. Our organisation endeavours always to create an energy-propelling environment for your children to enjoy swimming in. Our proven fun method has been approved by many popular childcare blogs, and continues to be appreciated by many parents.


A toddler’s learning is better enhanced in a fun environment under exciting conditions. We achieve this by making sure there are sufficient swimming toys and apparatus to produce that fun effect within and around the pool. It is our main goal to always establish such a thrilling atmosphere; while at the same time building your toddler’s confidence in the water by making him/her perform basic swimming drills and exercises.


Sign your toddler now for swimming classes with us and allow your child learn swimming in a fun way!


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. What is the age difference between “toddlers” and “kids” group class?


The toddler swimming class trains children between 2 to 4 years old. Although, if your child is 5 years old or more, he will fit right into the kids swimming class.


Q. What’s the Class size?


Our toddlers swimming class coaches a maximum of 6 students for each class. On the other hand, our kids swimming class allows a maximum of 10 students, which is in compliance with swimsafer guidelines.


Q. Do I need to accompany my child during the lessons?


We require the presence of at least one parent for the first few lessons of the toddler’s swimming class. This helps to reduce child anxiety.

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