Kids Swimming Lessons

Kids Swimming Lessons Singapore (5 – 11 yrs)

Plenty research has shown that swimming regularly has many benefits, especially for your child. Swimming exercises aids regular oxygen supply to the brain, therefore, allowing your child to focus more when learning. Also, your child benefits from swimming lessons in aspects of health care and water safety. Our swim school ensures that, by allowing your children participate in our recognised coaching system, they learn necessary lifelong swimming skills in a fun way,

Benefits of Our Kids Swimming Lessons

The benefits of our kids swimming lessons are too numerous to count, but they can be categorised into:

Water Safety

We understand that the pressing concern of every parent is the safety of their child. By allowing your child swimming education, you are investing in his/her safety around water. This reduces greatly the risk of an emergency, if your child were to fall into a pool or deep sea water (on a beach) by accident.


Maintain Healthy

Swimming has many health benefits. It presents itself as a fun alternative to rigorous exercises undertaken by adults. Swimming is a fun leisurely activity which helps in building your child’s strength, and preventing obesity, when done regularly. Furthermore, swimming exercise improves breathing and movement coordination which helps your child body functions work efficiently.


Learning Benefits

As aforementioned, swimming exercises regulates oxygen supply to the brain, which can enhance your child’s ability to assimilate better when studying. Also, stamina gained from swimming activities enabled your child focus better when learning at school.


Stages of Kids Swimming Lessons

At our swim school, we advise that parents be present for their kids swimming lessons, but not necessarily in the pool. Parents will also discover that our swimming curriculum is standard, and has been designed in accordance with the Singapore Sports Council’s SwimSafer syllabus.

This SwimSafer syllabus for kids is broken down into three basic stages before progressing into the advanced Bronze, Silver and Gold stages.


SwimSafer Stage 1

This stage focuses on building your child’s water confidence, floating skills and basic swimming strokes. Water confidence involves learning skills like proper entry and exit of pool, deep-end water entry and navigation. Floating skills may involve teaching your child personal survival strategies, to prepare him/her for deep-water accidents. The basic swimming strokes will comprise forward and backward swimming for very short distances. An addition of breaststroke and backstroke will also be taught. Swimming games are also held to help your child efficiently improve their skills.


SwimSafer Stage 2

Students are encouraged to swim at least 25 metres. Your child will learn additional skills like how to execute a surface dive, positional awareness in water and personal safety skills, like sculling.


SwimSafer Stage 3

Students are prompted to swim nonstop for, at least, 50 metres. Concepts of personal safety skills are reintroduced, this time with the addition of simple rescue skills. Not only that, your child will be expected to exhibit competence in underwater skills and sculling, but with the use of a floatation apparatus.


SwimSafer Stage Bronze

The first of the advanced stages demands that students swim 100 metres. While swimming in deep-end water, your child will demonstrate development of basic stroke techniques and coordinated breathing. Water craft safety will be introduced alongside advanced work on water survival and rescue skills.


SwimSafer Stage Silver

Diving essentials are introduced. Personal water survival and rescue skill development for your child progresses to advanced levels. For completion of the Silver Stage, and advancement to the Gold stage, your child will be obligated to demonstrate proficiency of the required swimming stroke techniques.


SwimSafer Stage Gold

Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of swimming strokes over a distance of 400 metres. Water survival and rescue skills lessons will revolve around real lifesaving situations. Standing dive is also introduced and personal water safety lessons advances.



Why Choose Us?

Our swim school in Singapore is the place to enrol your child in; and the following reasons explain why:


  1. Effective Coaching System: Our swim school runs an in-house teaching system which teaches students in groups. The criteria for these groups are based on our students’ individual levels of learning, which allows them learn at a comfortable pace.


  1. SwimSafer Syllabus: Our professional coaches train students in accordance with the SwimSafer curriculum. Therefore, your child is guaranteed to be swim confidently. In the occurrence where your child satisfies the conditions required to participate for SwimSafer contests, we will confidently enrol him/her.


  1. Lifesaving Knowledge: Our major aim is to ensure your child learns essential swimming knowledge like personal water survival and lifesaving skills. We guarantee that these swimming skills, once learnt, will become valuable and beneficial for a lifetime.

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